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Contest #18: New Years 2013 - Colouring #3 (Art)

Competition Date:
2nd Jan 2013 - 22nd Jan 2013

Are you ready for...


Right-o, its time for another fun filled contest! What better way to start off the New Year than a bit of competitive coloring?

Click Image for Full Size


1st Place: + + 100,000 IP

2nd Place: + + 50,000 IP

3rd Place: + + 25,000 IP


Rule 1 - All work submitted must be your own.

Rule 2 - Work submitted cannot contain anything offensive, including but not limited to: Gore, swearing, illegal drugs.

Rule 3 - You may use any means to color in. Crayons, paints, digital programs, etc.

Rule 4 - One entry per user.

Rule 5 - Please keep your entry private. This allows everyone to vote with an unbiased opinion

Send all entries to:

Note: You can either send an attached .jpeg or .png file to the e-mail, or you can upload it to an image host and e-mail the link.

We will stop accepting submissions at midnight on January 10th, so be sure to submit your entry before this time! Voting will then take place by YOU guys!

So, today is for coloring!? Im sure tomorrow will be.. smashing.

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