Newest Created Pets

KeyLimePie625 the
Green Dabu

Owner: tee625

Pashmina the
Blue Krittle

Owner: merlotic

bologna the
Red Krittle

Owner: Sgerbwd

Judda Judda June 19 Owner
Hey look over there!
Nexinhah Nexinhah April 4 Staff Organizer
Head Moderator
Hello! I'm Inês and here's my life story: when I signed up I saw Makoats and how unwanted they were. At that moment, my life goals changed. I now have 33 of them.
psyqualia psyqualia May 10 Staff Manager
Hi!! I'm Boon. I like biology, itty bitty microogranisms, and playing card games. If you ever need help, shoot me a message. Gotta go fast.
Shibe Shibe August 7 Pet Artist
I do art and it's pretty great. I'm so super.
Remlyn Remlyn April 6 Item Artist
Hi! I'm Remlyn, I'm a 73 year old girl, my hair is brown, though, sometimes it looks blue, or maybe purple, I don't know anymore, it's so confusing! I draw in my spare time, and in my not spare time. PS: Dabus will rule the world!!!
Keekoi Keekoi June 29 Item Artist
Alou! Im Keekoi and I loOoOove drawing. It even became my profession! I can't live without my coffee, cat, or some good music. Feel free to message any time. :>
LollyX LollyX February 24 Graphic Artist
Sup! I'm quite quirky; your standard oddball. I have natural elf ears and go by the name Pixie. I love design and live in Photoshop! o3o
Kenpachi Kenpachi June 28 Editor
Hello, I'm Kiki, a security guard who enjoys gaming, watching anime, and creative writing. I'm shy, but like to be helpful when I can. ^^
sarsaprilly sarsaprilly March 17 Editor
Hey ya! My name is Jessie and I am the resident turnip overlord. I love all animals (mostly cats) and I'm always happy to chat about anything.
Nati Nati August 14 Moderator
Hello there, I'm Nati! I am a habitual night owl, expert Netflix marathoner, and avid dog enthusiast! I spend basically all my free time here, so please don't hesitate to message me!
Tom Tom April 20 Programmer
Aloha, I help eradicate bugs and work on programming tasks in an undisclosed nature reserve deep inside the jungles of Terrafrost. I'm also a full-time student who enjoys tennis, cooking, and reading science fiction books.

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