Newest Created Pets

Emoto the
Blue Novyn

Owner: Plasma_Demon

Birbs the
Black Traptur

Owner: SugarCookies

Suvviex the
Yellow Krittle

Owner: LoppernK

Judda Judda June 19 Owner
Hey look over there!
Ines Ines April 4 Staff Manager
Hello! I'm InĂªs and here's my life story: when I signed up I saw Makoats and how unwanted they were. At that moment, my life goals changed. I now have over 35 of them.
smallsamoyed smallsamoyed May 21 Head Writer
Hey, you can call me Rachel! I love animals, writing poetry, and learning new languages. Nice to meet you!
Silvy Silvy May 21 Moderator
Hi, I'm Silvy, and I enjoy spending time on the Forums and helping out new members find their way through the site! My favorite IcePets Item is the Ducky in all its forms and I have collected them since I joined!
Zig Zig December 4 Moderator
Hello, I'm El! I'm a big animation fan and love films, TV and gaming. On Icepets I love collecting different pet colours and getting stuck into events. Hope to see you around the forums!
jolly jolly August 7 Pet Artist
Hey! I am one of the pet artist. I love animation, drinking a lot of tea (hold the sugar), and listening to goofy goober over and over.
Travis Travis April 12 Artist
Hiya! I'm Travis. I'm an avid gamer, musical theater aficionado, and I'm always up for a horror movie. In my spare time I like to binge tv shows and dabble in screenwriting.
Pixie Pixie February 24 Artist
Hello, I'm Pixie. When I'm not designing, I'm running my business or chasing my daughter. See you around!
MarkiArts MarkiArts August 10 Artist
Howdy! I'm Marki, I love Krittles and Lugrae, otherwise I love to draw, sing, and try new things, I'm Chronically Distracted but here for a good time! See you around!
Quil Quil November 30 Artist
Hello! I'm Jack, or Quil. My dream is to run away into the forest and become the enigmatic local witch.
IcePets IcePets October 20 Administrator
Thank you to all of our members for helping make IcePets what it is today. We wouldn't be the community we are if not for all of our amazing Terrafrostians.
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