Newest Created Pets

jazzy1 the
Red Wulfer

Owner: maris

astrobaby the
Blue Dabu

Owner: kaijinut

Owenz the
Blue Ori

Owner: VoidKidz

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Select a Game

Can you reach the treasure?
Plays: 263425
Ice Snake
Help the Ice Snake eat up the Ice Cubes!
Plays: 252958
A true cube catching tradition.
Plays: 207291
Try your luck with Ace's Scratchcards!
Plays: 171802
Jar Match
Pair up the Snow Jars in the time limit.
Plays: 147130
Ice Breaker
Control the ball through 15 challenging levels.
Plays: 91927
Match three or more Tokens to gain points!
Plays: 75947
Red vs Blue
Think you can beat the Wulfer at Red vs Blue?
Plays: 59027
Sharshel Says
Try to remember the order in which the Pets smile!
Plays: 30293
Can you solve Trivvy's challenging puzzles?
Plays: 18973

Select a Quest

Candy Quest
The Yummy Quest!
Space Quest
Primarily asks for Food and Toy Items.
Weapons Quest
Try to obtain what the Trido asks for!
Samuels Plushie Quest
Help Samuel stock his Toy Shop with Plushies!
Snowman Quest
Earn Snow Items exclusive to this quest!
Book Quest
Come relax and turn in Books.

Select a Statistic

Beauty Stats
Which pets are beautiful?
Books Stats
Find out the true bookworms
Plushie Stats
Who are the hoarders of Plushies?
Referral Stats
See who invites the most friends
Restocking Stats
See who likes to restock the most!
Pet Closet Stats
Which pet has transformed the most?
Daily Bonus
Who has maintained their daily bonus streak the longest?
Recent Scores

catboy scored 7020 in Ice Breaker
catboy scored 993 in Jar Match
morshurap scored 711 in Jar Match
morshurap scored 905 in Jar Match
tishybug scored 10120 in Coined
tishybug scored 1148 in Jar Match
tishybug scored 1389 in Jar Match
bibliopossum scored 10000 in Coined
bibliopossum scored 10140 in Coined
bibliopossum scored 687 in Jar Match
catboy scored 901 in Jar Match
catboy scored 968 in Jar Match
catboy scored 974 in Jar Match
catboy scored 866 in Jar Match
catboy scored 9625 in Ice Breaker
catboy scored 750 in Jar Match
catboy scored 2040 in Sharshel Says
catboy scored 3850 in Sharshel Says
AceRabbit scored 746 in Jar Match
catboy scored 910 in Sharshel Says

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