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Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions
Use of signifies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Age Requirement
You must be 13 years or older to register and play on IcePets.

All Users under the age of 18 are required to read these rules with a parent and/or guardian. By creating an account and playing on this site, you and your parent and/or guardian have agreed to these terms.
Infraction Points: 100

User Accounts
You may not ask any User for their password.
Infraction Points: 100

You may not allow anyone else to use your account for any reason. This includes sharing your account or password.
Infraction Points: 70-100

Each individual is permitted only one account.
Infraction Points: 50-100

There is a limit of 5 Users per IP/household, provided the use of separate email addresses.*
Infraction Points: 50-100

*Transfer of items between accounts, within the same IP address or not, are subject to systematic Staff monitoring. A reminder or warning may be issued if Staff deem the transactions suspicious. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Note: The IcePets Staff will NEVER ask for your password. Anyone claiming to be staff and asking for private information should be reported immediately through a Support Ticket.

Inappropriate Content
IcePets is a PG-13 website, therefore inappropriate content such as sexual or obscene subjects, graphic violence, and illegal activities is not allowed. Ultimately, the IcePets Staff has final say on what is or is not inappropriate content.

Images showing inappropriate content are not allowed anywhere on the site.
Infraction Points: 30-100

Discussion of inappropriate subjects is not allowed on IcePets.
Infraction Points: 30-60

Pets, Shops, and/or Galleries with inappropriate names are not tolerated and will result in the Pet, Shop, and Gallery being renamed.
Infraction Points: 20-40

Accounts with inappropriate names are not tolerated and will result in the username being banned.
Infraction Points: 100

Swearing, obscenity, and/or profanity are not tolerated.
Infraction Points: 10-40

Acronyms that contain profanity are allowed, (wtf, lmao, etc.) however, they may not be used to belittle another User. Please refrain from using them in topic titles. Words such as "damn" and "hell" are allowed within reason, however these words may not be used in a way to offend anyone, and should not be used in topic titles.

Contact with other Users or Staff
Users are expected to treat one another and staff with respect throughout the site. Ultimately, the IcePets Staff has final say on what is or is not rude behavior.

Attacks or threats on other Users will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: discrimination, harassment, bullying and blaming in forum discussions, profile commenting, private messaging, or any other form of communication.
Infraction Points: 20-100

Scamming or attempting to scam any User will not be tolerated.
Infraction Points: 40-100

Posting artwork that was not drawn by you, whether sourced or unsourced, and claiming it as your own is not allowed.
Infraction Points: 20-60

Asking to receive another User's currency, Items, or Pets is not allowed.
Infraction Points: 30-70

Asking to sell or purchase a Hidden Avatar Solution is not allowed.
Infraction Points: 30-50

Discussion of banned Users is not allowed.
Infraction Points: 20-40

Abuse of the Support System will not be tolerated.
Infraction Points: 20-40

Abuse of the @Ping notification system will not be tolerated.
Infraction Points: 10-50

SPAM (i.e. stupid, pointless, annoying, messages) will not be tolerated. Copy/pasting the same message on various topics is considered SPAM.
Infraction Points: 10-40

You are expected to use English in all public aspects of Use of other languages is allowed in private messages.
Infraction Points: 10

The sharing of personal information or photos is not recommended, but you do have the freedom to do so if you wish.

Note: If you feel harassed, threatened or have a problem with another User, through Private Messages, the forums, profile comments, trade comments, etc, you can report them by filling out a Support Ticket. You must include their username and as many details of the incident as possible.

Forums Overall Rules
Before posting on the forums, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the rules of the board(s) you are posting on. Each board has a stickied post with its own specific rules.

Forum topics must relate to the forum section that they are posted in.
Infraction Points: 10

Forum posts must relate to the forum topic that they are posted in.
Infraction Points: 10

Posts made in ALL CAPS are not allowed.
Infraction Points: 10

'Bumping' (i.e. posting on threads with the purpose of bringing them to the top of the page) without adding to the conversation is not allowed.
Infraction Points: 10

Signatures must not exceed 589px width and 200px height. This includes both images and text.
Infraction Points: 10

Promoting Other Websites/Services

Talking about and linking to other pet sites is allowed. However, posting referral links, either on site or in Discord, or trying to persuade other users to join is not allowed. This is considered promoting competing websites, and will result in an infraction.
Infraction Points: 20-50

Links to appropriate websites, as well as outside messenger services, are allowed.

Offsite Currencies and Real Life Money

Chargebacks on IceCash or cash (USD) PayPal transactions will not be tolerated.
Infraction Points: 100+

The sale, transfer, or trade of IcePets items, accounts, pets, and virtual currency, for real life currency (USD, Euro, etc) or offsite currency is not allowed.
Infraction Points: 20-50

Art commissions may be sold for real life currency.

On IcePets, we define cheating as any action that gives a User or Users any unfair advantage.

Discussing the current Trivia is allowed, however, giving any hints on how to solve the current trivia or giving the answer to current trivia will be considered cheating.
Infraction Points: 10-30

Any program used to gain any kind of an advantage is cheating and strictly prohibited. This includes using your browser to auto-refresh, changing browser settings to gain advantage (e.g. adjusting the speed of flash games), using an auto-clicker, or setting a coffee cup on F5.
Infraction Points: 100

Searching for unreleased images, pages, information and any other kind of unreleased site content as well as the sharing of the same is strictly against the rules.
Infraction Points: 10-30

Note: If you stumble upon any flaws in IcePets' security, games, programming, or anything of a similar nature, you are not permitted to abuse it for your or other Users' gain. You may not tell anyone, except for the IcePets Staff, information you have acquired of security flaws. Please report them to an IcePets Staff member through a Support Ticket immediately so that the flaw may be corrected. You may not share the information regarding a flaw with other Users. In the case that you have accidentally received the benefits of an exploit, you must contact an IcePets Staff member to investigate and correct the flaw. If you report the flaw and do not abuse it, you will not be penalized.

The Infraction Points System

The Infraction Points System consists of a scale of 0-100 that represents your rule infractions and their respective severity. Each rule has a different Infraction Points range, which can be adjusted by staff according to the severity of your actions. Even though some infractions may not be associated with Infraction Points, an Official Reminder will still be issued and logged on your Infraction Log, where all your infractions will be listed, as well as your Infraction Points total. While your log will permanently list every rule infraction you commited, it is possible that some points will expire after a predetermined amount of time. However, once you reach the maximum - 100 points - your IcePets account will be banned.

Public or Private Reminder (0 points)
These are usually given out to first time offenders of lesser rule breaks, or to Users teetering too close to a rule break. They may be given privately (via Support System) or publicly (i.e. Forum post) depending on the situation.

Official Warning
Warnings are much more serious and are given by members of staff privately (via Support System) to a User who has broken a rule. They always come with a reminder to go over the Terms and Conditions of the site, and an official warning of the rule break will be assigned to the account.

Account Ban (100 points)
We only ban as a last resort. When a User has repeatedly broken the rules, we will remove all access to their account. A banned account will remain banned unless otherwise stated. We believe, however, in a Users ability to redeem themselves, and we welcome banned Users to create a new account, on the premise that they will follow the Terms and Conditions. Exceptions will be made for certain degrees of rule violations.

Permaban (100+ points)
When it becomes apparent that a User has no interest in following any of our rules, we will ban the User from making any more accounts with us in the future.

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