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Competition Date:
2020-10-10 - 2020-10-23

As Phantasmoire rolls around, Pets across Terrafrost start breaking out their spookiest costumes and scariest ensambles in celebration of Terrafrost's most haunting time of year. While there is no shortage of looks to choose from, it never hurts to have some more! Thus, we are looking to you for our Costume Design Contest! The topic of this contest is to design a costume for Terrafrost's Pets to go Haunting in! Whether it be a ghastly getup or a silly suit, there's sure to be a Pet who would love to don the outfit for the occasion.

You are free to submit your costume image as either a standalone costume, similar to the Items such as the Masked Drama Costume or the Magical Sailor Costume, or as an image with a Pet wearing it! The 1st place winner will get their costume design turned into a real item on the site for all to wear! They will also receive a copy of their costume Item for free.


Rule 1 - Work must be entirely your own. Please do not trace original artwork or use Google images, but image manipulation of IcePets art to create graphics is acceptable.
Rule 2 - One entry per User.
Rule 3 - Feel free to get creative! You can use existing IcePets art or draw your own, but it must be a costume to use for Haunting!
Rule 4 - While you may use existing IcePets artwork in your submission it must be modified in some way in order to create your idea, not just a one-to-one of something on IcePets.
Rule 5 -Your submission cannot be something that already exists on the site.
Rule 6 - Your submission cannot be identical to other existing costumes, designs or ideas outside of IcePets; you may make references with your costume, but it cannot be a direct copy.
Rule 7 - Art must be kept PG-13. For example, you may show blood, weapons, or mild violence, but not gore or dismembered limbs, etc. All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.
Rule 8 - Keep your entries private and please don't share with other Users!
Rule 9 - Staff reserve the right to dismiss a submission if it is hard to view or appears no work was involved.
Rule 10 - Your entry must be uploaded and sent to mochihugs by October 23rd, 23:59:59 (IcePets time).

Users will vote for their favourite submission!

1st Place
  • Gold Contestant Trophy
  • Golden Competitor Stamp
  • Phantasmoire Snow Jar
  • Pet Ghost Costume Item of choice
  • 200,000 IcePoints
  • Your costume idea made into an Item
2nd Place
  • Silver Contestant Trophy
  • Phantasmoire Snow Jar
  • Random Ghost Costume Item
  • 175,000 IcePoints
3rd Place
  • Bronze Contestant Trophy
  • Phantasmoire Snow Jar
  • Random Ghost Costume Item
  • 100,000 IcePoints

  • Full Haunting Treat Bag

Voting Period:
2020-10-24 - 2020-11-02

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