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Competition Date:
2023-11-07 - 2023-11-22

There's a chill in the air, reminiscence of holiday cheer and, ah, festive sweaters.

"Affectionately known as 'ugly sweaters,'" notes Claire, local beauty and fashion expert. "Or truthfully. Regardless, with the cold well and truly settling in, I'm looking to commission some new sweater designs. I could do it myself, of course, but new talent is what keeps fashion fresh!"

Please send all entries to Ines.

Ugly Sweater 2023 Template

Click the image for full size!


Rule 1 - Any work submitted must be your own. You cannot ask another User, a friend, or a family member to colour the image for you.
Rule 2 - One entry per User.
Rule 3 - You may use any means to colour your entry. Traditional, digital, etc!
Rule 4 - All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.
Rule 5 - The contest is held anonymously. Showing your artwork to other Users during the contest will disqualify you from the contest.
Rule 6 - Your image must be uploaded and sent to Ines by November 22nd, 23:59:59 (IcePets Time). It does not matter what website you upload it too or in what format. Your submission will count as long as it is sent to Ines within the time frame. You only need to submit the image URL.

1st Place
  • Gold Contestant Trophy
  • Golden Competitor Stamp
  • Your entry made into an Item
  • 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place Sweater Items
  • 300 Aurestal Points
  • 400,000 IcePoints
2nd Place
  • Silver Contestant Trophy
  • Your entry made into an Item
  • 2nd place and 3rd place Sweater Items
  • 200 Aurestal Points
  • 200,000 IcePoints
3rd Place
  • Bronze Contestant Trophy
  • Your entry made into an Item
  • 3rd place Sweater Item
  • 100 Aurestal Points
  • 100,000 IcePoints
  • Snow Contestant Trophy
Voting Period:
2023-11-23 - 2023-11-29

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Entry 416
Submitted by tae
Entry 418
Submitted by Samarra
Entry 420
Submitted by Silvy
Entry 417
Submitted by AceRabbit
Entry 425
Submitted by Quilladin
Entry 419
Submitted by Jormungander
Entry 426
Submitted by TaNi
Entry 424
Submitted by squirrellie
Entry 421
Submitted by MarkiArts
Entry 415
Submitted by felipe
Entry 423
Submitted by Voermina
Entry 422
Submitted by Kamisheru14

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