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Competition Date:
2020-04-08 - 2020-04-21

Show off yout Novitegg decorating skills!

Novitaria 2020 Colouring Contest

Click the image for full size! You can also find a version with a white background by clicking here.


Rule 1 - Any work submitted must be your own. You cannot ask another User, a friend, or a family member to colour the image for you.
Rule 2 - One entry per User.
Rule 3 - You may use any means to colour your entry. Traditional, digital, etc!
Rule 4 - All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.
Rule 5 - Keep your entries private and please do not share with other Users!
Rule 6 - Your image must be uploaded and sent to Nexinhah by April 21st, 23:59:59 (IcePets time). It does not matter what website you upload it too or in what format. Your submission will count as long as it is sent to Nexinhah within the time frame. You only need to submit the image URL.

1st Place
  • Gold Contestant Trophy
  • Golden Competitor Stamp
  • 1 Random Jakrit Morphing Potion
  • 150,000 IcePoints
2nd Place
  • Silver Contestant Trophy
  • 1 Random Jakrit Morphing Potion
  • 100,000 IcePoints
3rd Place
  • Bronze Contestant Trophy
  • 1 Random Jakrit Morphing Potion
  • 75,000 IcePoints
Voting Period:
2020-04-22 - 2020-04-29

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Entry 224
Entry 226
Entry 225
Entry 227
Entry 228

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