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Competition Date:
2020-07-10 - 2020-07-19

If you are a fan of memes then now is your time to shine! Your fellow Terrafrostians are anxious to see what creative memes you can come up with.
From any classic to a completely original meme, we want to see what you have to offer.

Our theme is Team Contest memes, goodluck!

You can see an example of a meme below.

Memes 2020 - Example Meme

Click the image for full size!

Please message Mochihugs with your entry!


Rule 1 - Work must be entirely your own. Please do not trace original artwork or use Google images, but image manipulation of IcePets art to create graphics is acceptable.
Rule 2 - One entry per User.
Rule 3 - Feel free to get creative! You can use existing IcePets art or draw your own, but it must be a meme or parody of a meme!
Rule 4 - Art must be kept PG-13.For example, you may show two Pets holding hands or kissing, but not overt innuendo; you may show blood, weapons, or mild violence, but not gore or dismembered limbs, etc. All entries submitted must be considered appropriate under the Terms and Conditions of IcePets.
Rule 5 - Keep your entries private and please don't share with other Users!
Rule 6 - Staff reserve the right to dismiss a submission if it is hard to view or appears no work was involved.
Rule 7 - Your entry must be uploaded and sent to Mochihugs by July 18th, 23:59:59 (IcePets time) It does not matter where or how you upload it.
Rule 8 - All entries must pertain to the Team Contest event. Anyone can submit a meme, even if they did not participate in the Team Contest.

Users will vote for their favourite submission!

1st Place
  • Gold Contestant Trophy
  • Golden Competitor Stamp
  • 150 Points for all Team Contest Teams (minus Winner Points)
  • 200,000 IcePoints
2nd Place
  • Silver Contestant Trophy
  • 100 Points for two teams of their choice (minus Winner Points)
  • 150,000 IcePoints
3rd Place
  • Bronze Contestant Trophy
  • 100 Points for one team of their choice (minus Winner Points)
  • 100,000 IcePoints
Voting Period:
2020-07-20 - 2020-07-28

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Entry 232
Entry 234
Entry 229
Entry 231
Entry 233
Entry 230

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