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Contest #15: Favourite Pet - Drawing #2 (Art)
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Competition Date:
20th Aug 2012 - 13th Dec 2012

Another contest is finally underway! This contest is a little different than the last...This contest may require some skill. Or luck. But probably mostly skill.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it ((And possibly embarrass yourself)) is to chose an Ice Pet and draw it. It can be any species, any color, but please make sure it already exists.

That means you can\'t draw me as a Tech Dovu. ;D

Use your own style, your own medium, your own way of uploading the picture...Be creative!!

View our last art contest here!

And now, the part most of you have been waiting on...


The prize pool is as follows:

One Stamp or Ice Cube of your choice and 10,000 Ice Points

One Golden Touch item of your choice and 25,000 Ice Points

One Zabeu Totem OR Morphing Potion of your choice and 50,000 Ice Points

Basic Rules

Only one entry per person, please
No art stealing
No sharing your artwork with other users
To make sure voting is not biased, please do not sign your artwork
Artists will be revealed at the end of the competition, unless you wish to remain anonymous
Deadline is August 31st

Please send your contest entry to Speedie AND NO ONE ELSE.

Yes, to ensure that voting is fair, only I will know whose artwork is whose.

Is that it? That\'s it. Oh wait, one last rule; have fun. (:

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