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Contest #14: Item Hunt #5 (Hunt)

Competition Date:
1st Aug 2012 - 10th Aug 2012

Hello there! It's been a little slow lately, ((Aside from the plot, Pet revamp, MOTM, STOM, and other small updates...(; )) so to pick things up, a contest is going to be held.

Some of you may remember past contests ((Click, click, click, click.)) but for those of you who are new to the contest scene, we're gonna start off a little slow.


These are the brand spanking new Plushies drawn by our very own Myst. But hark...Three of them have gone missing from Plushie Mania! It is your mission...No, your duty, to find out which ones have gone missing. Keep this information to yourself, however, as in approximately 20-24 hours, those three missing Plushies will show up in three random shops. What will you do with those Plushies? More information, along with prize listings, to come tomorrow.

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