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Contest #12: Spring - Referral #2 (Referral)

Competition Date:
1st Mar 2012 - 3rd Apr 2012

Our first referral contest was great, this time we hope it to be even better.

The new trophy, exclusive to this contest, will be up soon.

In the Community tab you will find the Guides area, this new spot was added with three referral guides to help you out.

1st Place: 12,000 IceCash + 6 Treasure Chests OR $40 Cash
2nd Place: 4500 IC + 2 Treasure Chests ($20 Value)
3rd Place: Pet Slot Key + Custom Avatar
4th Place: Firebreathing Xephyr Morphing Potion
5th Place: 60s Cobron Morphing Potion
6th - 10th Place: 100,000 IP!

Go to Personal > Referrals, to find your referral link.

The main referral page shows the top ten referrers of this month; that will show your placing.

The referral contest starts now!

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