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How to use "ProjectWonderful" for referrals

Have you got some money set aside to use in the I.C.E Shop? Instead of getting IceCash, why dont you get some referrals instead!?

ProjectWonderful was tested by IcePets and proven to be an extremely effective advertising source. $10 brings on average 50 registrations, with 10-15 of those people staying on as active players of IcePets.

Step 1: Save a banner to your computer (See below this article)
Step 2: Register an account here.
Step 3: Click advertising > my ads > create a new ad.
Step 4: Select the banner size you're uploading, then enter the basic settings. (REMEMBER TO USE YOUR REFERRAL LINK!)
Step 5: Click advertising > search for new places to bid > sizes and categories. Pick the ad size you uploaded, then search!
Step 6: Find a site you want to advertise on, and click place bid on the right side.
Step 7: Place a bid and have fun watching the referrals pour in!

If this list of steps was confusing for you, check out these info sources:
help center, basics and step through auctions.

Banner 1 - Size 468x60

Banner 2 - Size 468x60

Half Banner - Size 234x60

Square - Size 125x125

Button - Size 117x30

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