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How to use a Wonder Zapper

How to use a Wonder Zapper

Wonder Zapper is an item you can use to randomly change your pet into one you still need in your Pet Color Closet. Here are a few simple steps to help you on the path to the pet of your dreams!

#1. Obtain the item.

You can purchase the item from the ICE Shop for (at the time of writing this) 1,400 IceCash (1,260 IC for Gold Members). Once purchased, it will be added to your inventory. If you don't have enough IC you can either purchase some, or you can check the usershops or trades to find the Wonder Zapper.

#2. Know the Rules!

When you go to the item in your inventory, you get the option to click "Find out more".

Wonder Zapper

When you click this button, you will then be shown the rules for using this item. The key rules are as follows:

- A single pet may only be zapped once every 7 days
- A zapped pet will ALWAYS become a species/color that it has not unlocked yet
- A zapped pet may only become a Zabeu if you have (ever) tamed a zabeu (NOT including the zabeu tamed during the plot!)
- One Wonder Zapper entitles you to One Zap! To zap multiple times, you will need to purchase multiple Wonder Zappers.

Wonder Zapper

You will see your pet and it's information such as name, current species/color and the closet unlocks it currently has. You will also see a scrollable box showing the pets that your pet can become.

#3. ZAP the Pet!

Click the button at the bottom of the page and you will then see your new pets appearance! Along with this you will also see a little bit of code to use on the forums (read step #4)

#4. Show off your new pet on the forums!

You can post this code onto the forums to show off your new pet!

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