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How to Tame a Zabeu

Please note; this will be different for taming during the plot "Cecies Disappearance", but some elements will be similar, so it is worth reading

Want to adopt one of these cool pets? If your answer is yes, follow these simple steps;

#1. Complete the plot Cecie's Disappearance
You'll need to complete this plot before you can do anything else. For more information on plots, you should visit the Plot Forum.

#2. Create or Morph?
You should decide if you want to create a zabeu as a new pet, or if you want to morph one of your existing pets. To create a new zabeu, you only need 1 x Zabeu Totem (You will be awarded one after Task 6 in the plot). If however you decide that you want to Morph one of your existing pets (to fill it's closet), you will need 3 x Zabeu Totem. After you have obtained the required number of totems (1 or 3), go to the next step.

#3. Give the Totem(s) to the Mystic Rock
The Mystic Rock is located in the Halipar Jungles, however at the time of writing this, the jungles are not released, therefore the Rock can be accessed via the Games Page.

When you have arrived at the Mystic Rock, if you have at least 1 totem in your inventory, it will show you the following:

(Summon a new Zabeu)

If you have 3 or more totems in your inventory, you will also see the following button:

(Morph a pet into a Zabeu)

When you click one of the buttons, the required number of totems will be removed from your inventory, and added to the rock (the image at the top of the page will update to reflect this).

#4. Complete the Taming Process

Each stage will require certain items. You can give the required items via your inventory.

You can take as long as you like to complete the taming process. There are however minimum time limits. There are 3 stages to taming a zabeu. If you are Morphing a pet, you will not be taming a Zabeu. Instead you will be taming a Zabeu's Spirit, allowing you to morph your pet to a Zabeu once the taming process is over.

On Stage 3, you will be asked for a Snow Jar (Red,Green,Yellow or Blue). Whichever colour you choose is the colour that the Zabeu will become when you have finished taming it.

#5. Receive the Pet

Once the taming is completed, you will see one of two options.

If you used one Totem, you will see an option to give the Zabeu a name and a gender. You will be required to give the Zabeu a unique name. Furthermore, if your petslots are full, you wont be able to have the Zabeu join your party until you remove one of your pets (OR use a Pet Slot Key).

If you used three Totems, you will see a dropdown box that lists all your pets. Once you have decided which pet you want to morph, click the button, and your pet will become a Zabeu!

#6. Review your pet

Once you have either received your Zabeu, or morphed a pet into a Zabeu, you will automatically be forwarded to your "My Pets" page. Here you will see that your new Zabeu is there to be made active!

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