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GlacierClaw the
Blue Ridix

Owner: Entrapta

Veemo the
Pink Krittle

Owner: jirachi100

Woomy the
Orange Dabu

Owner: jirachi100

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How to get your pending referrals accepted

- Click the pending button on the referrals page. Now you see a list of all the people you referred who have not caught on to playing IcePets yet. Good news, you have 14 days to convince these people to play. Every 48 hours you can go down your list clicking to send reminder, and that automatically sends an email to this person on your behalf.

- Try talking to the people you refer to IcePets, be friendly and make them feel welcome. Sending a message and friend request can go a long way. After getting into some conversation, sending an item to help this new player out can help to take your relationship with this person to the next level; further encouraging them to actively play IcePets.

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