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How to Draw: Avatars

General Style:

Avatars are perfectly looping animations based on a certain theme. They should be easily readable and clear through the whole animation. Bright colours and eye-catching animations are a plus.


- Photoshop is highly recommended.
- 60x60 px Canvas is the required size to work with when creating avatars.
- Use the Pencil tool to create the border.
- Avoid unintentional stray pixels around the border, using the pencil tool should minimize this issue.
- Animations should loop perfectly, avoid letting animations restart without looping.
- Transparency is required around avatars, no white backgrounds should be used.
-Avatars are to be saved in the .gif format.

Line Work:

Line work should always be created using the pencil tool or any other exact pixel-by-pixel creating tool. Semi-transparency should not be anywhere in the gif, as it can cause issues when saving the file.


You can find a full step-by-step guide showing how to colour avatars by clicking [here].

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