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How to Draw: Items

General Style:

Soft, cartoony, round, and bold colours. Realism is a no-go for items. Using references from previous items is recommended. The use of textures in shading is preferred.


- Photoshop is highly recommended.
- When using Photoshop use the "Save for Web" feature instead of regular saving.
- 200x200 px Canvas is a good standard size to work with when drawing items.
- Take up as much space as possible. If you have a lot of blank space, something is wrong.
- Once an item is completed, shrink the file to 85x85 px.
- Save as a .png with a transparent background.

Line Work:
Line work should mostly be black, with a few occasions where it can be a dark color. Lighter coloured line work is not strictly prohibited, but used very infrequently. Line work should stay a consistent size and not be so thick that it looks like a bold outline. Similar to the Pet art style, artists are free to use any brush they're comfortable with so long as the line work stays consistent and untextured.


Item shading can vary depending on texture of the object. The general rule of "circular" shading applies to items similarly to pets. Items generally have a base colour, a highlight colour, and one or two shading colours. This means an item can have three or four total shades of the same colour. More or less can be added at the artist's discretion as needed to help show texture and highlight features.

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