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» No More Novitaria
Posted by IcePets Day 183, Year 13 (20th Apr 23)
@ 14:21:48 IST

Gold 2023 Novitaria TrophySilver 2023 Novitaria TrophyBronze 2023 Novitaria Trophy

The Jakrits have gathered up any remaining Noviteggs and safely tucked them away into the waiting Makoat carts. It looks like the Jakrit Hunt is over, and it's time to say goodbye to Novitaria until next year! You won't walk away empty handed however, if you participated in the Hunt, be sure to check out your profile and see what shiny new trophy you earned.

Eggcellent Pun BookHatching Novitaria Profile SkinNovitegg Painting Trading Card

The Novitaria Store is still open though, and is now stocking three brand new Novitaria-themed items: the Eggcellent Pun Book, Hatching Novitaria Profile Skin and Novitegg Painting Trading Card. Hopefully you have enough credits to be able to collect them all.

White Chocolate Helmet White Chocolate Sword White Chocolate Shield

White Chocolate Stamp

Odele has also touched up the molds for the White Chocolate items, making these sweet treats even more delectable! The White Chocolate Helmet, White Chocolate Sword, White Chocolate Shield, and White Chocolate Stamp have all received the benefits of these new looks. If you haven't tried one before, now is a good time to gvie them a good bite!

If the you do not see the updated artwork, you may have to do a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5 on Windows computers, Command + Shift + R on Macs)

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