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    » News for 5th Mar 2024

» No More Broken Hearts!
Posted by IcePets Day 138, Year 14 (5th Mar 24)
@ 12:41:03 IST

The holidays are over, the legendary Aurestal vs. Phantasmoire Amourok event is over... but we cannot get enough of them! You can now find this year's Amourok stock in the Amourok Store!

Generous Laughter PlushPeacful Full Moon PlushProsperous Count Plush
Very Scary Ice CubeAmourok Annual 2024Minus One

Head over there to find the new Generous Laughter Plush, Peaceful Full Moon Plush, Prosperous Count Plush, Gingerbread Shield, Pumpkin Carving Utility Belt, Aurora Wedding Bands, Very Scary Ice Cube, Minus One, Hearty Snow Sprite Stamp, Snow Sprite and Minus One Figurine, and the usual Amourok Annual 2024.

Heart of Love

It was a pleasure breaking hearts with you all, enjoy the spoils of your hard work!

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