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Nibblor the
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Easter Store

This is where you can spend your Easter Credits!

Easter Jakrit: "A Seasonal Store with Seasonal items! Rid your inventory of Empty Eggs Here!"

You have 0 Easter Credits (EC) available to spend

Items that are stocking in Easter Store

Mini Jakrit Eggs
15 EC

Hot Cross Buns
20 EC

Carrot Pacifier
26 EC

Hand Painted Easter Bonnet
28 EC

Decorated Egg Cookies
33 EC

Build your Jakrit Egg Kit
35 EC

Egg to Nest Puzzle
35 EC

Makoat Soap
48 EC

Egg Pull Toy
50 EC

Chocolate Jakrit
55 EC

Happy Easter Chocolate Bars
60 EC

Makoat Horn Spear
(Battle Item)
70 EC

Fairy Wulfer Figurine
90 EC

Chocolate Egg Plushie
99 EC

Young Pip
100 EC

60s Baby
104 EC

White Chocolate Helmet
(Battle Item)
120 EC

White Chocolate Sword
(Battle Item)
125 EC

White Chocolate Shield
(Battle Item)
132 EC

Easter Egg Bomb
(Battle Item)
136 EC

Easter Egg Stamp
146 EC

Dovu Nest Ice Cube
(Ice Cube)
175 EC

Woven Basket Stamp
200 EC

Mini Chick Army
(Battle Item)
220 EC

A Day as an Easter Jakrit
250 EC

Choc-in-Choc Ice Cube
(Ice Cube)
284 EC

Egg Mishap
300 EC

Egg Shaped Ice Cube
(Ice Cube)
306 EC

White Chocolate Stamp
349 EC

Giftwrapped Chocolate Egg
390 EC

Diamond Egg Earrings
450 EC

Diamond Egg Necklace
600 EC

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