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    » News for 13th April 2022

» Novitaria Makeovers + Noviteggs Restocking
Posted by IcePets Day 176, Year 12 (13th Apr 22)
@ 14:27:24 IST


Next time you decide to do a Novitaria Quest, you may notice the NPC behind the counter looks a little different. That's because Fern, a Baby Makoat with a passion for Novitaria goodies, has decided to take over! The old NPC, Daisy, felt it was time to pass the role on to her young and ambitious mentee.


Fern isn't the only one starting fresh this season -- Odele, the owner of the Novitaria Store, has also returned with a new look! It seems of the blooming flowers this spring season have inspired them to get a little makeover.

Earth Novitegg Dreamworld Novitegg Circles Novitegg

Looking to stock up on more Noviteggs? Starting today, not only can you find them in random places around the site, but you can also purchase them at all NPC Shops (except for the Snow Jar Igloo and Golden Touch.) You can also earn them as a reward for all quests! The holiday will be ending soon, so be sure to snatch up those eggs while you still can!

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