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Posted by IcePets Day 25, Year 11 (13th Nov 20)
@ 17:02:43 IST

Searcher Costume

The winning entry from our Costume Design Contest is here -- the Searcher Costume, designed by our own @Lokki, has been given a breath of life and is now available in the Grooming Parlour! Perhaps you will want to wear one of these next year during Phantasmoire? It is advised to be careful with the long mask, it would be a shame to poke someone with it.

Ducky SlippersPortable Throne

Fans of Ducky Items will rejoice at the release of these Ducky Slippers, funded by @Silvy. Wearing these will feel like walking on clouds -- very cute clouds. Grab an extra pair from the Grooming Parlour in case the others get worn out! Speaking of being worn out, the Portable Throne is an excellent way to travel without ever having to get up, even for special breaks. Many thanks to @IcePrincess for funding this Item! The Portable Throne can be purchased from the Toy Trunk and given as a reward from the Plushie Quest. In one week it will be requested by the Space Quest.

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