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» Deep Sea Discovery
Posted by IcePets Day 154, Year 10 (21st Mar 20)
@ 09:09:09 IST

Woodland Lugra

It looks like our visits with woodland creatures are far from over. Recently, the Woodland Lugra ventured from the depths of their home. After hearing how delighted Terrafrostians were with the new Woodland Jakrit, they were willing to make their own entrance. These slippery friends enjoy playing in the water and are well versed in camouflage. Make sure you're ready for plenty of beach days if you befriend one!

Woodland Lugra Morphing Potion

You can find the new Woodland Lugra Morphing Potion adorning the shelves of the Snow Jar Igloo. You will also find it at the I.C.E.Shop for 500 IC (450 for Gold Accounts) until the end of the month.

This will also be the final call for any last minute poetry entries for our March Poetry Contest. Any entries must be submitted to mochihugs before March 23rd.

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