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» Novitaria Coming To An End
Posted by IcePets Day 183, Year 9 (20th Apr 19)
@ 21:36:41 IST

Empty Jigsaw NoviteggEmpty Elements NoviteggEmpty Snowdrift Novitegg

Novitaria and the Jakrit Hunt are coming to an end. The Jakrit and Makoat communities have had a blast hiding Noviteggs across Terrafrost for everyone to find, and everyone is full to bursting with colourful Novitaria treats.

Now, as the weather has warmed in the northern hemisphere and the ice has melted through the Talytil Lakes, Terrafrostians are turning to planting summer crops and planning for future events or preparing their Picnic Blankets and Holiday Swimsuits for summer fun.

Pastel ArmourPastel Flower CoinNovitaria Cupcakes

Pastel Ice Cube SetNovitaria Jakrit Plushie

If you have been itching to spend some of those Novitaria Credits you can now find the Pastel Armour, Pastel Flower Coin, Novitaria Cupcake, Pastel Ice Cube Set and the Novitaria Jakrit Plushie in the Novitaria Shop.

Five Random NoviteggsRandomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion

However, if you're not quite ready for the Novitaria fun to end, you'll still be able to find Five Random Noviteggs in the I.C.E. Shop for 250 IceCash (225 for Gold Account) and the Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion in the Novitaria Store and the I.C.E. Shop for 300 Novitaria Credits or 500 IceCash (450 for Gold Account) respectively until the end of the month.

Any straggling Noviteggs can be found until 11:59:59 PM (IcePets Time) so keep your eyes peeled and collect any last-minute Prizes and Novitaria Credits until the Festival ends for the year!

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