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» Love And Evil Are In The Air!
Posted by Nexinhah Day 112, Year 8 (8th Feb 18)
@ 06:20:24 IST

Winter is warming into its last month, and all over Terrafrost, Pets are getting ready for the Festival of Love. Boyfriends and girlfriends are fretting over gifts and trying to plan the perfect dates; married couples are reminiscing over how they celebrated in past years; single Pets are making friends and keeping each other company. Emotions are running high all around, but most nervous of all is a love Ori named Elliot.

While you're minding your own business around the shops in Glacia, you notice a Love Ori out of the corner of your eye, perched in a tree. He glances around to make sure no one is watching, then flits down to your side.

"Hey, psst," he whispers. "I need your help. I'm Elliot, the new leader of the Love pets. Every year, the Evil pets try to take over the Festival of Love and cause mischief -- and the past two years, they succeeded! We can't let them win again."

He leans in and lowers his voice. "This year, I have a plan. It's the most brilliant thing we've tried yet. But I can't tell you more until I know you're on my side. Meet me over there to learn how you can help." He flies away without another word.

As soon as Elliot is gone, an Evil Wulfer pokes her head around a shop corner. "Was Elliot pestering you to join his forces?" She walks over and offers a paw. "I'm Sylvia, leader of the Evil pets. In my opinion, this Festival is always too gushy and lovey-dovey. We're going to make things interesting for a change. What do you say, interested in stirring up some trouble?"

The Love vs Evil event is underway!

It's the biggest battle yet between Love and Evil, and Elliot has a master plan for the Love Team. Sylvia and the Evil Team are up to their same old tricks, spreading mischief and generally disrupting the festivities.

Most Shop Keepers and Quest Givers have started to find strange Empty Heart Fragments and Full Hearts lying around Terrafrost, and are now including them in their stocks and list of rewards.

Elliot and Sylvia seem to know something more about these fragments. Follow them to the Love vs Evil Event Page to find out more!

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