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Raider the
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Green Krittle

Owner: IcePets

Faegan the
Red Makoat

Owner: Moonaliss

Plushie Ridix Crystal Cobron

The Plushie Ridix swats some crystal fragments out of its fur and bounds over to you. "I don't think we've properly met. My name is Patchley, and I know I've seen you around Plushie Mania from time to time. I don't know what the Crystal Pets are thinking. Look at these things -- they're everywhere! Ouch!" It lifts a paw that landed on another shard.

"Listen, the Full Hearts have always been the power behind the Festival of Love. In the past, Evil Pets corrupted them so they could use the power for themselves. I think we can try something similar, though not for anything so devious. By combining Heart Fragments, we can build Full Soft Hearts that will make things soft and fluffy and Plush. Get me as many as you can, and I'll zap all these crystal fragments into harmless fluff."

The Crystal Cobron, who had been peeking around the Dragon Statue, finally approaches. "Why do you have such an issue with the crystals?" he asks Patchley. "Don't you love pretty things? Have you never wanted to give someone a beautiful necklace or a glamorous ring? I said it before and I'll say it again -- Plushies are drab. Crystals are fabulous!"

To you, he holds out a paw. "Elton. Nice to meet you! Help me shine up Glacia. I'll use the Heart Fragments to build Full Sharp Hearts, which will put a glimmer and a twinkle in whatever we please. Just think of it, we could turn everyday Items into shimmering crystals! Glacia will be so beautiful!"

They both look at you, Patchley disgruntled and bewildered on your right, Elton overeager and starry-eyed to your left. If only they'd work together, they could make an amazing gift-giving force of nature. Oh well.

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