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Toon Xephyr Rainbow Makoat

One mischievous looking Toon Xephyr saunters down the streets, giving a deep bow before addressing you. "Name's Voxiet and I've seen you lurkin' around my hidey-hole. You wanna get some paint on your hands and help out us ol' Toon Pets? We want every inch of this planet covered in greyscale, just like us. It'd be a nice change of pace, considering nothing around here feels like home to us." They completely ignore the Rainbow Makoat rushing up behind them, and you aren't sure if it's intentional or not.

"Oh, hello! You look like the kind of fellow who enjoys a world full of color! You must have frequented Glacia's prized art galleries, which wouldn't be possible without wonderful pigments and saturation! You should help my fellow Rainbow Pets and bring out the brightness in Terrafrost, one pure color at a time. The home we have here is wonderful and we just want to bring out the best of it!" Despite standing next to Voxiet, Afhert also seems to be ignoring their presence and focusing solely on you.

The peace doesn't last long as they both begin arguing, trying to one-up each other and appear to be the better team. After listening to them squabble for a few minutes, you learn that Full Hearts are extremely powerful objects and can affect the fesitivites during the Festival of Love. This year Voixet and Afhert want to use them for to turn Terrafrost into their respective colour palettes. They do promise to save some for the festival and you decide it's time to pick a team! Click the button below to find out if you will be Team Toon or Team Rainbow!

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