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    » News for 13th March 2023

» Username Changes & Contest Winners!
Posted by IcePets Day 145, Year 13 (13th Mar 23)
@ 17:43:18 IST

Username Changer

This has been requested by many Terrafrostians over the years, and the IcePets Team is very proud to announce the Username Changer is finally available at IcePets! We know how important this new addition to the site is for many people and are grateful we can finally offer the option to everyone. This is available in the I.C.E Shop for 1,000 Ice Cash (900 Ice Cash for Gold Account users).


With this new ability, comes some important guidelines. These are subject to change in the future as more feedback and new situations arise. In order to receive a new username you must create a Support Ticket requesting a specific name. If it follows the guidelines listed below, then staff will approve it. They will then instruct you where to send the Username Changer Item, in order to have your name changed. This is done manually by the IcePets Team, so users are currently unable to just use the item and get an immediate change to their account.

Guide to Staff Positions

Guidelines For Username Changes

A currently used username can be taken if the user:

- Has not logged into the account for three years (1,095 days).
- Has less than four pets
- Is not an account staff feel may cause potential problems with usage, such as - but not limited - to scamming members. This pertains to accounts which may have belonged to well known users at one point. This situation is up to staff discretion.

Note: If an affected user from the above guidelines returns in the future, they may request one free name change to any available name of their choosing.

- If a user is banned and doesn't fall into the staff discretion section, their name is available for use.
- Memorialized accounts will never have their names made available.

When someone changes their username, past forum pings for their account will still display their old username; however, future pings will reflect their new one.

Username Changers will become potential prizes in future giveaways and contests related to usernames to offer everyone a chance to win one for themselves should purchasing one be difficult for them.

Heart Balloons Love Letter Feather Pen

Without furtho ado, onto some other news some Terrafrostians may have been waiting for! The winners of the Amourok Cheesy Poem Contest!


In Third place we have:

So once again, love is in the air
And I do wonder how everyone else will fare
Some are able to profess their love,
Shouting loud to the heavens above
Others seem like a stick in the mud,
Stuck in their ways and unable to bud

But not me, I always know who I can count on
And I can wake up with a smile at dawn
After I stretch and grunt and roll out of bed,
I quickly scramble to the kitchen, ready to be fed
My heart beats quickly with anticipation,
There is no denying this sensation

As I seat myself at the table,
I think to myself, man, some people must think I'm unstable
While others are out doting on significant others or making plans,
Here I am, staring at what's between my two hands
It's what my heart belongs to and always brings me to my knees
I can't help it... I love cheese!

Written by @Kenpachi


In Second place we have:

Through the backdoor of my mind
Winter is when you're gone;
Your memory is summer's warmth
That keeps me holding on.

Written by @Lokki


And finally in First place we have:

5 Senses of Love

I hear my heart skip a beat whenever I'm close to him.
I smell his amazing scent all around me as he hugs me.
I feel his unconditional love just for me.
I see him in my life for many years to come.
I touch your lips, and they're so soft and smooth.

Written by @Kamisheru14

What wonderful writers we have here in Terrafrost! Everyone who submitted their poems did such a fantastic job. We thank you for participating.

Cheesy Poems 2023

All three winners will receive a copy of the Cheesy Poems 2023! This will also be restocking in Ralph's Page Turners and a reward from the weapons quest. It will be requested by the book quest in one week!

Our second place winner needs to submit a Support Ticket letting us know if they want a Fairy Snow Jar or a Pirate Snow Jar as part of their prizes!

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