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» Spooky Scary Skeletal Pets
Posted by IcePets Day 12, Year 13 (31st Oct 22)
@ 12:00:06 IST

Skeletal Ori Skeletal Ridix
Skeletal Wulfer Skeletal Cobron
Skeletal Jakrit Skeletal Trido
Skeletal Krittle

Some of Terrafrost's spookiest Pets got a new makeover -- and just in time for the end of Phantasmoire! Take a moment to admire the Skeletal Ori, Skeletal Ridix, Skeletal Wulfer, Skeletal Cobron, Skeletal Jakrit, Skeletal Trido, and the Skeletal Krittle's fancy new look. Not a single Skeletal Pet was left out from this massive revamp!

Skeletal Ori Morphing Potion Skeletal Ridix Morphing Potion Skeletal Wulfer Morphing Potion
Skeletal Cobron Morphing Potion Skeletal Jakrit Morphing Potion Skeletal Trido Morphing Potion
Skeletal Krittle Morphing PotionSkeletal Snow Jar

All of the respective Morphing Potions have gotten an update to match as well as the Skeletal Snow Jar. If you'd like one for yourself, you can, as always, find them at the Snow Jar Igloo year round. If you're in a rush however you can also find them in the I.C.E Shop for 500 Ice Cash or 450 Ice Cash for Gold Account until the end of November.

Skeletal Snow Jar PlushSkeletal Snow Jar Plush

The Skeletal Snow Jar Ice Cube and Skeletal Snow Jar Plush have also received a touch up to match the new design. The Skeletal Snow Jar Ice Cube can still be made in the Ice Box, while the Snow Jar Skeletal Plush has a home in Plushie Palace if you still need them to complete any collection goals!

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