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» The Toon Zabeu Struts on In!
Posted by IcePets Day 261, Year 12 (7th Jul 22)
@ 14:13:51 IST

Toon Zabeu

Good news, Zabeu-lovers -- there's a new pony in town! The cheerful, comical Toon Zabeu is now a permanent resident of Terrafrost and eager to be your new best friend. You'll have a hard time keeping a frown with this lovable Pet around! Many thanks to @Oleander for funding this creative creature!

Toon Snow Jar

Do you want to add the Toon Zabeu to your family? Consider picking up a Toon Snow Jar at the Snow Jar Igloo. Or, you can pick one up at the I.C.E Shop -- it's no more than 1,000 Ice Cash (or 900 Ice Cash if you have a Gold Account.) The Snow Jar will leave the I.C.E Shop July 31st, 23:59:59 IST.

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