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    » News for 11th Jun 2022

» The Team Contest Begins!
Posted by IcePets Day 235, Year 12 (11th Jun 22)
@ 07:14:41 IST

The time has finally come -- the Team Contest officially starts today! That means it's time to reveal the members of each Team.
Team Blue Audril


Team Green Trido


Team Red Dovu


Team Yellow Sharshel


Everyone who signed up to participate will receive their Team's respective Avatars and Profile Skins shortly. Your Team will also show up in your forum title for the duration of the event. If you'd like to do some game planning, consider heading over to the IcePets Discord! We have a separate private channel for all four Teams.

Team Blue Audril Spirit Plush Team Green Trido Spirit Plush
Team Red Dovu Spirit Plush Team Yellow Sharshel Spirit Plush

Remember, restocking and questing are the main ways to earn points for your Team during the contest! Restocking awards will be given depending on the rarity of the Items you buy, and Questing will award ten points for each Quest you complete. Also, all participants will receive a Gold Account for the duration of the contest to help things go a little more smoothly!

The contest runs from today until June 25th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time. That's a mere two weeks from now, so start earning some points ASAP!

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