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    » News for 24th January 2022

» Ansvin Wraps Up & Colouring Contest Results
Posted by IcePets Day 97, Year 12 (24th Jan 22)
@ 14:30:31 IST

Confetti Ansvin Novyn Balloon Ansvin Novyn Onesie Confetti

Time to clean up some confetti! We hope everyone has partied themselves out, because the 2022 Ansvin Celebration has come to an end. Pinata Mania, as well as all other Ansvin-related activities, are being packed away until next year. The only exception is the Ansvin Pinata -- that'll continue to run until the end of the month!

Confetti 1

Voting for the Annual Colouring Contest is now over, which can only mean one thing: it's time to reveal who won! Our community submitted some truly creative contributions, so everyone who submitted a colouring page will receive the 2022 Pinatas for their participation! However, only three Users will be receiving a trophy--as well as some other nifty prizes.


Third place goes to @rotundusbat! Great job! As a reward, you will receive:

- Bronze Contestant Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- An openable Pinata Item of your choice
- 1 Party Snow Jar
- 100,000 IcePoints


Second place goes to @Travis! Nice work! As a reward, you will receive:

- Silver Contestant Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- Ambiguous ICE Box
- An openable Pinata Item of your choice
- 1 Party Snow Jar
- 200,000 IcePoints


And finally, first place goes to... @Elliesaur! Congratulations! You will receive:

- Gold Contestant Trophy
- Golden Competitor Stamp
- Ambiguous ICE Box
- Mystifying ICE Box
- An openable Pinata Item of your choice
- 1 Party Snow Jar
- 400,000 IcePoints

If you're one of the top three contestants, be sure to submit a Support Ticket telling us which openable Pinata Item you'd like to receive.

Confetti 2



Tables are being wiped down, signs are appearing all over Terrafrost, and the Voting Booth is open once again. All of this hustle and bustle can only mean one thing! It's time to vote for Member of the Month (MOTM for short)! Terrafrostians can vote for up to 3 users to win 100,000 IcePoints and the Member of the Month Avatar.

Member of the Month Avatar

Two winners will be chosen each month, one for the Free Vote MOTM, which includes all members except Staff, and the Yet to Win MOTM, which includes anyone who hasn't previously won MOTM. If you win the Free Vote and you have already won MOTM, you will receive an Honoured Member Trophy.

Honoured Member Trophy


- You cannot nominate yourself or members of staff.
- Do not ask other users to vote for yourself or other members.
- Send your nominations here!

You have until January 31st at 23:59:59 to submit your vote. Winners will be announced on February 1st!


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