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Posted by IcePets Day 48, Year 12 (6th Dec 21)
@ 11:48:00 IST


Aurestal is a season to celebrate warmth, friends and family, and look back at how much you have been through together. Precisely while looking back, a few Items have been identified as needing some refreshing changes.

Prosperity CrystalGenerosity CrystalPeace Crystal

The Items previously known as Fathers Stocking, Mothers Stocking, and My Stocking have been revamped into the Prosperity Crystal, Generosity Crystal, and Peace Crystal, respectively. These changes are merely visual and do not impact the functionality and rewards of the Items.

Auroras Gifting BoxAuroras Decorative WrapAuroras Festive Ribbon

The same has happened to the Items previously known as Santa's Cookies, Santa's Milk and Reindeer Carrot, now known as the Auroras Gifting Box, Auroras Decorative Wrap, and Auroras Festive Ribbon.

Aurestal Snow JarAurestal Snow Jar Ice Cube

The one and only Aurestal Snow Jar -- along with its matching Ice Cube -- has received an updated look, and so have the following Items:

Aurestal FireworkAurora Calling CardSnow Sprite MaskGingerbread Snow Sprite
Aurora ClawsLittle Helper PlushFestive Snow Sprite PlushAurestal Tree Plush

- Aurestal Firework
- Aurora Calling Card (previously known as Santa Stop Here Sign)
- Snow Sprite Mask (previously known as Santa Mask)
- Gingerbread Snow Sprite (previously known as Gingerbread Santa)
- Aurora Claws (previously known as Robin Claws)
- Little Helper Plush (previously known as Elf Plush)
- Festive Snow Sprite Plush previously known as Santa Plush)
- Aurestal Tree Plush (previously known as Mrs Claus Plush)

Twas the Night Before AurestalHow the Ridix Stole AurestalAn Aurestal CarolAurestal Wishes
Flying with the AurorasAll About ReindeerClassic Aurestal CarolsHow to Decorate an Aurestal Tree

All Aurestal Books have had their appearence and content updated where needed.

- Twas the Night Before Aurestal (previously known as Twas the Night Before Christmas)
- How the Ridix Stole Aurestal (previously known as How the Ridix Stole Christmas)
- An Aurestal Carol (previously known as A Christmas Carol)
- Aurestal Wishes (previously known as Dear Santa)
- Flying with the Auroras (previously known as How to Drive a Sleigh)
- All About Reindeer (previously known as Santa's Reindeer)
- Classic Aurestal Carols (previously known as Classic Christmas Carols)
- How to Decorate an Aurestal Tree (previously known as How to Decorate a Christmas Tree)

Aurestal Calling Card AvatarExplosive Aurestal Avatar

Finally, the Aurestal Calling Card Avatar (previously known as Santa Stopped Here Avatar) and the Explosive Aurestal Avatar (previously know as Explosive Christmas Avatar) have been updated to match the new Items.

As usual, if you are having trouble seeing the updated art, try using Ctrl + F5.


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