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» A Mythical Fluttering of Wings
Posted by IcePets Day 18, Year 12 (6th Nov 21)
@ 08:49:57 IST

Mythical Krittle

Have you noticed lately? Something's been darting through the night sky! It's difficult to make out exactly what it is, besides the sounds of fluttering wings and the sight of red eyes... unless you know what you're doing! Researchers have managed to isolate one of these creatures using a special device known as a Light Projecting Night-Sky Illuminator - or, uh. A lamp, I suppose. It turns out that these creatures really, really, really love lamps!

Mythical Snow Jar

So what exactly are they? Well, they're the Mythical Krittle, funded by @bibliopossum! It seems our local Krittle populations now respond to the Mythical Snow Jar, which can always be found at the I.C.E. Shop.

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