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» Phantasmoire Festivities Begin
Posted by IcePets Day 348, Year 11 (2nd Oct 21)
@ 09:29:23 IST

Phantasmoire Ori Plush Handmade Phantasmoire Dovu Plush Phantasmoire Ducky

Autumn leaves tumble across the ground, the full moon illuminates the sky, and a spooky chill fills the air. It's official: Phantasmoire season is here!

Chocolate BarPhantasmoire Snow Jar Cherry Lollipop

For those who have not yet experienced Phantasmoire, be prepared for a month of spooky festivities and sugary treats! Pets all around Terrafrost have begun preparation for the upcoming holiday. If you'd like to join in on the fun, be sure to stock up on some Phantasmoire Snow Jars and some treats from your favorite shops!

Starting today, your Phantasmoire Pets can begin haunting. Be sure to give them a Empty Haunting Treat Bag before they begin -- they're available in all NPC shops, except for Snow Jar Igloo and Golden Touch. Once they're all set, they can visit fellow Users' doorsteps (or profile pages) to stock up on goodies.

And if you'd like to pass out some treats to your fellow Terrafrostians, it's fairly simple. Just purchase some food at your favorite shops, and go to your profile and click the Add food to Doorstep link. It doesn't have to be sweets, either -- the haunters will be just as happy to receive some refreshing fruits and vegetables, too.

Festive Ribbon CandyCottoncandy Macarons Dark Chocolate Cream Cookie

Starting this year, you can unlock new trophies by leaving food on your doorstep! There are currently only 15 different levels for this trophy. The food added is cumulative going forward; as a result, you will not have your food returned at the end of the event. Thanks to Phantasmoire magic, the remaining treats will be available again at the start of the Phantasmoire festivities next year!

Beauty King

Don't have enough IcePoints for a Phantasmoire Snow Jar? Don't fret -- as usual, the generous Beauty King will morph one of your pets for free. This offer lasts until the end of October, so be sure to snatch it up while you can.

Blob Coin Empty Grave Stamp Candycorn Cupcake

Also, the Token Booth will be selling some returning Phantasmoire-themed Items until October 8th 23:59:59 IcePets Time. After that, they will swap them out for a new set of Items. The first batch of Items they'll release are the Blob Coin, Empty Grave Stamp, and Candycorn Cupcake! Be sure to snatch them up while you still can.


We'd also like to mention that for the month of October, you can visit the Haunted House every three hours instead of the usual six. Those who are brave enough to venture in may even find some unique Phantasmoire-themed Items...

Staff Staff367.png

Last but certainly not least, we'd like to introduce our new editor @piedragon to the IcePets team! Be sure to give him a warm welcome.

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