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» The Winners Are Revealed!
Posted by IcePets Day 249, Year 11 (25th Jun 21)
@ 10:57:03 IST

Team Blue Audril Toy Trophy Team Green Trido Toy Trophy Team Red Dovu Toy Trophy Team Yellow Sharshel Toy Trophy

The points have been tallied, and Terrafrostians all around have started to pack things up. It's official; the Team Contest has reached its end! Now, it's time to reveal the winners. Everyone gave it their all this year, but only one team will be awarded first place.

4th place goes to...
Team Red Dovu Banner

Team Red Dovu with 92,850 points!

3rd place goes to...
Team Green Trido Banner

Team Green Trido with 175,057 points!

2nd place goes to...
Team Yellow Sharshel Banner

Team Yellow Sharshel with 204,808 points!

And 1st place goes to...

Confetti 2

Team Blue Audril Banner

Team Blue Audril with 258,522 points! Congratulations!

Confetti 2

Overall, the whole IcePets community spent 200,035,019 IcePoints restocking 143,773 Items and completed 41,818 Quests. Thanks to everyone for their participation! We hope you'll look forward to doing it again next year.

We will be announcing the top questers and restockers in an upcoming news post. In addition, we will also be revealing all of the new Items that will be included in the Team Contest Shop this year! Be sure to keep an eye on the news so you do not miss these updates.

Bird Watcher Ducky Organic Bananas Green Glow Stick

If you're not burned out on questing yet, good news! The Space Quest will have double the quest opportunities and prizes this weekend. This will last until June 27th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

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