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    » News for 5th May 2021

» Novitegg Contest Winners!
Posted by IcePets Day 198, Year 11 (5th May 21)
@ 13:37:15 IST

Gold Contestant Trophy Silver Contestant Trophy Bronze Contestant Trophy

The votes for the Novitegg Colouring Contest have all been counted! Thank you to all of our talented artists who submitted their creations. Now, it's time to reveal who won!

Third Place Novitegg

In third place, we have @rotundusbat! You will receive a Bronze Contestant Trophy, 1 Random Jakrit Morphing Potion, and 100,000 IcePoints. Awesome work!

Second Place Novitegg

In second place, we have @quoet199! You will receive a Silver Contestant Trophy, 1 Random Jakrit Morphing Potion, and 150,000 IcePoints! Nice job!

First Place Novitegg

And finally, first place goes to... @Taxidea! You will receive a Gold Contestant Trophy, Golden Competitor Stamp, 1 Jakrit Morphing Potion of your choice, and 200,000 IcePoints! Congratulations! Be sure to send in a Support Ticket to let us know which Jakrit Morphing Potion you would like to receive.

As always, the artists and art-appreciators of Terrafrost made for an exciting contest this year. We hope to see more of your Novitegg-painting skills in the years to come!

Jar Match Game Cards Trivvy Coin

Additionally, we have made an update to our Jar Match game based on user feedback! Specifically, the artwork featured on the cards have had their size greatly increased for better visibility. A hard refresh (Ctrl+F5 for Windows and Cmd+Shift+R on Mac) may be needed to see the changes.

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