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» New Mythical Playmates!
Posted by IcePets Day 102, Year 11 (29th Jan 21)
@ 13:57:39 IST

Mythical Ridix PlushieMythical Jakrit Plushie

Mythical Traptur PlushieMythical Novyn Plushie

Make some extra room in your toy boxes, because the new line of Mythical themed toys have been released! Your Pets will never be bored again once they get their paws on the new Mythical Ridix Plushie, Mythical Jakrit Plushie, Mythical Traptur Plushie, and Mythical Novyn Plushie. The whimsical charm of these toys will surely bring a smile to all of your Pets' faces. All the new plushies can be found over at Plushie Palace, or alternatively, as a reward from the Book Quest.

Mythical Ducky

For all the Ducky lovers out there, the spectacular Mythical Ducky has also joined the Mythical meetup! Funded by @Silvy, the Mythical Ducky can be restocked from the Toy Trunk, or if you're feeling ambitious, you can get it as a reward from Samuel's Plushie Quest. In one week, the Mythical Ducky will be requested by the Space Quest, while the plushies will be requested by the Plushie Quest, so you'll definitely want to stock up!

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