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    » News for 22nd January 2021

» Colouring Contest Winners and Questing Bonuses!
Posted by IcePets Day 95, Year 11 (22nd Jan 21)
@ 17:27:20 IST

Fairy Krittle Pinata 2021Pinata SmasherPlushie Wulfer Pinata 2021

After nearly a month of smashing pinatas and celebrating the New Year, Pinata Mania has almost come to an end! After today, New Years themed items and Pinatas will no longer be stocked on the shelves of NPC shops or rewarded in quests. But don't fret, because the fun and games will surely return next year!


It looks like the Solitary Sprite's generous gifts have found an additional use! For this weekend - January 22nd to January 24th, 23:59:59 IcePets Time - Penelope over at the Book Quest has decided to increase both the Quest Prizes and the Daily Quest Limits! You will be able to do 20 quests instead of the usual 10 and gain increased rewards for each completed quest as well. Remember, this is for this weekend only and Penelope will switch back to the usual Questing rates once it is over.

Going forward, Terrafrostians can look forward to similar Questing weekends twice a month in accordance to the Solitary Sprite's gifts. Be sure to keep an eye on the news if you wish to know which Quest Giver has increased rewards for that weekend!

Confetti 1

With all the votes counted and tallied, the winners for the New Years Colouring Contest can finally be revealed! While all of the colouring page submissions were stunning, only three users will receive the grand prizes.

ConfettiBronze TrophyConfetti

Our third place winner is @petshopgirl!

Third Place Winner Artwork

You will receive 100,000 IcePoints, a Cubed Snow Jar, an openable Pinata Item of your choice, a Golden Competitor Stamp, and the Bronze Contestant Trophy! Nice work!

ConfettiSilver Contestant TrophyConfetti

In second place, we have @WidgetWings!


You will receive 200,000 IcePoints, a Cubed Snow Jar, an openable Pinata Item of your choice, a Mystifying ICE Box, a Golden Competitor stamp, and the Silver Contestant Trophy! Hurray!

ConfettiSilver Contestant TrophyConfetti

And first place goes to... @Elliesaur!


You will receive 400,000 IcePoints, a Cubed Snow Jar, an openable Pinata Item of your choice, a Mystifying ICE Box, a Cryptic ICE Box, a Golden Competitor Stamp, and the Gold Contestant Trophy! Congratulations!

Everyone who participated will also be receiving their set of the 2021 Pinatas! To all of our winners, make sure to send in a support ticket telling us which openable Pinata Item you would like to receive. To those who participated in this year's colouring competition, we hope you had a fun time and will join again in 2022!

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