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» Toon Lugra's Arrival
Posted by IcePets Day 22, Year 11 (10th Nov 20)
@ 10:58:27 IST

Toon Lugra

Get ready to throw some confetti, because the Toon Lugra has joined Terrafrost! This nostalgic new pet was funded by @IcePrincess. It may be black and white, but its personality is bursting with color. With the Toon Lugra by your side, Saturday morning cartoons will be week-long! Just watch out for falling pianos.

Toon Lugra Morphing Potion

If this new Pet strikes your fancy, stroll over to the Snow Jar Igloo periodically and check to see if the Toon Lugra Morphing Potion is in stock. Or if you can't wait, you can find it at the ICE Shop until the end of November -- it's only 500 IC (450 for Gold Users)!

Editor ScrapbookStaff Goodie Bag

We are also very happy to welcome @smallsamoyed to the IcePets team as our newest Editor! As always, you can stay up to date on Staff changes and openings via the the Staff list linked at the bottom of every page.

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