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Posted by IcePets Day 361, Year 10 (14th Oct 20)
@ 18:33:57 IST

Deserted Island Board GameSunset Orbie

If you have been looking for some new Toys to keep you occupied while at home, then you're in luck! Today, Samuel has two brand Items to share. The Deserted Island Board Game and Sunset Orbie both which have been funded by @Travis and @mochihugs respectively. Terrafrostians can now spend hours taking care of their own private Island with their new furry friend! If you aren't having luck restocking these in the Toy Trunk, Samuel may reward you one from his Plushie Quest. Be sure to stock up however -- in one week, the Space Quest will be asking for them too.

Rainbow Hand Mirror Ice Cube

The Rainbow Hand Mirror Ice Cube has joined the list of Items to be made from the Ice Box. If you cannot recall how to obtain a Rainbow Hand Mirror to freeze, visit the Jigsaw Puzzle game for a refresher. Make sure you have a spare on hand, once it's frozen you cannot gaze into it again!

Halloween 1

Happy Phantasmoire AvatarToo Full Avatar

With all the changes happening this Phantasmoire it is no surprise some Avatars are getting an updated look. The Happy Phantasmoire Avatar (Formerly "Happy Halloween") has had the text updated to reflect the new holiday name. The Too Full... Avatar has been revamped as part of the latest update to Basic Pet Colours. If you haven't collected these already, maybe this will be a helpful reminder!

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