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» Spirits Visiting
Posted by IcePets Day 350, Year 10 (3rd Oct 20)
@ 14:45:56 IST

Cobron Ghost CostumeHaunted Doll HouseRidix Ghost Costume

It looks like the Haunted House has more guests than normal! Thanks to the spooky energy in the air, spirits have an easier time crossing over to our realm. For those with nowhere to go, or the deadly urge to party, the Haunted House is a perfect designation! It is always suggested to visit it at least once during this time of year, especially if you want to experience some amazing frights and even win a prize. However, since so many ghosts are just itching to give you a fright, you can enter more often for the time being -- every three hours instead of six.

Splat ShieldRustic Oil LanternTrickster Stamp

It also looks like these harmless specters have brought a lot a few older Phantasmoire items to add as prizes! You may not find these items during any other time of year, so get them while you can. If you need a little extra help navigating the halls, head over to the I.C.E Shop and purchase a Rustic Oil Lantern for 100 IC (90 IC for Gold Account users)!

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