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Posted by IcePets Day 327, Year 10 (10th Sep 20)
@ 12:51:18 IST

Royal DuckySpace Makoat Plushie

A few of our Glacia shopkeepers have been hard at work, crafting up some brand new User Requests! The elegant Royal Ducky, funded by @Silvy, will begin stocking the shelves over at the Toy Trunk. With carefully handcrafted Ducky-sized attire, this little friend will make any bathtime a special occasion! Over at the Plushie Palace, you can now get yourself the cosmic Space Makoat Plushie to add to your growing collection! Funded by @Nexinhah, the Plushie was made with only the softest fabrics. This Makoat's spots also glow in the dark, simulating a beautiful night sky!

The Royal Ducky will be now rewarded by the Plushie Quest and will be requested by the Space Quest in one week, while the Space Makoat Plushie will be given out by Penelope over at the Book Quest and will be requested by the Plushie Quest in a week's time.


If you feel a spark of inspiration, you can fund an Item of your own at the Request Page!

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