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» With Just A Bit Of Krittle Dust
Posted by IcePets Day 322, Year 10 (5th Sep 20)
@ 11:36:12 IST

Fairy Krittle

Watch out from above! It looks like the fiesty Fairy Krittle, funded by @Eebles, have been spotted taking flight in Terrafrost's skies! Fairy Pets aren't typically known for rambunctious behavior, but these little Krittles seem to be chock full of energy. Their lovely luminescent wings and glowing tails mean you'll always know when one is near!

Fairy Krittle Morphing Potion

For those who don't mind a little excitement in their lives, you'll be able to find the Fairy Krittle Morphing Potion restocking over at the Snow Jar Igloo! However, if you just can't wait to get your hands on one of these little friends, you can find the Fairy Krittle Morphing Potion in the I.C.E. Shop for 500 IC (450 for Gold Accounts) until the end of the month.

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