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    » News for 22nd Aug 2020

» So Many Soft Cobrons
Posted by IcePets Day 308, Year 10 (22nd Aug 20)
@ 14:24:43 IST

Ancient Cobron PlushieDreamworld Cobron PlushieFire Cobron Plushie

One can never have too many plushies and it looks like @POURRITURE funded quite a few of this huggable friends. Plushie Mania will start stocking Ancient, Dreamworld, Fire, Plushie, and Storm Cobron Plushies. Penelope with the Book Quest politely asked for a few crates of these plushies. She may reward them for completed quests, so feel free to stop by and offer her some help. Samuel will also be itching to get his paws on some of these plushies, so the Plushie Quest will began requesting them in one week.

Plushie Cobron PlushieItem Requester TrophyStorm Cobron Plushie

If there is an item you just have to have on lovely Terrafrost, you can head over to the Support Site and create an item of your own!

Bank Vault Ice CubeBanker Coin

Progress on the Glacia Rebuliding project has been moving along and our resident Banker has been able to restore the Bank into a more manageable state. The Banker will now be able to process an additional 25,000 IcePoints for the daily Bank donations towards the rebuilding project, for a total of 50,000 IcePoints per day! Glacia still needs our help, so keep up the hard work!

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