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» Furry Masks
Posted by IcePets Day 305, Year 10 (19th Aug 20)
@ 13:27:14 IST

Wulfer MaskXephyr MaskRidix Mask
Lugra MaskOri Mask

Everyone likes to look a little stylish, especially when they get to show off their favourite pet! Our lovely Grooming Parlour will be adding the Wulfer, Xephyr, Ridix, Lugra, and the Ori Mask, funded by @IcePrincess, to its shelves! Reviews are already saying how comfortable and adorable they are, so make sure you grab a couple of your favourites today.

Item Requester Trophy

If these cute new masks sparked any creative fashion ideas, you can head over to the Support Site and create an item of your own!


Glacia update! Citizens and friends from all over Terrafrost have been deligently helping with the rebuilding of Glacia. Shopkeepers have been overcome by emotions due to the outpouring support. One surprise donator, the company which brings us Snowda, has begun adding to the contributions as well! They are anxious to see shops reopen quickly as well. Don't worry though, they have forfeited any credit for prizes. Be sure to keep up with the rebuilding progress on the Glacia Rebuilding event page to see how you and your fellow Terrafrostians are doing!

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