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Posted by IcePets Day 264, Year 10 (9th Jul 20)
@ 10:03:03 IST

Novyn SoapTrido Piggy Bank

It looks like the native life on Terrafrost is inspiring some fun new items! The Grooming Parlour will be showcasing the newest addition to our pet soap line, the Novyn Soap, funded by @mochihugs. It smells absolutely delightful, so make sure to grab one before they run out! There will also be a new Trido Piggy Bank, funded by @IcePrincess, stocking in the Toy Shop. This is the perfect gift for those who love to save Icepoints, or those who may love spending Icepoints.

Samuel was lucky enough to grab a box of these piggy banks and will be rewarding them in the Plushie Quest. Niel is also very excited to get his hands on a few, as the Trido Piggy Bank will be requested in the Space Quest in one week.

Item Requester Trophy

If these new items have got your gears turning, you can hed over to our Support Site and create an item of your own!

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