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» Questing & Basket Surprises
Posted by IcePets Day 242, Year 10 (17th Jun 20)
@ 10:11:28 IST

Team Blue Audril StampTeam Green Trido Trading CardTeam Red Dovu StampTeam Yellow Sharshal Trading Card

Our Shopkeepers are frantically working on restocking their shelves as we move into the second portion of the Team Contest. Until June 24th, you can earn points for your team by questing. Every quest will be doubled and worth five points for your team. This will last one week and you can use quest extenders to get additional quests. The Team Contest will officially end on June 23rd 23:59:59 (IcePets Time), so get as many points as you can before then! Good luck.

Summertime Surprise Basket

It looks like you will be able to find the Summertime Surprise Basket in NPC shops for a limited time! From June 17th through August 1st you will find them on the shelves of every NPC shop except Golden Touch and the Snow Jar Igloo. The Quest Givers also have a chance of rewarding them when you complete a quest. Make sure to grab as many as you can, because they will be pulled from the shelves in two weeks!

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