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» A Flying Friend
Posted by IcePets Day 237, Year 10 (12th Jun 20)
@ 13:35:48 IST

Mythical Traptur

Like many of our other Mythical Pets, the Mythical Traptur has graced us all with an appearance! Funded by @Lokki, these sly, mysterious beasts love spreading their wings and soaring across Terrafrost's skies. Terrafrostians should have no issues if they happen to spot one flying overhead.

Mythical Snow Jar

If you are interested in inviting one of these winged friends into your home, be sure to pick up the Mythical Snow Jar which can be found in the I.C.E.Shop for 500 IC (450 for Gold Accounts).

5 Inventory Upgrade10 Inventory Upgrade

For the remainder of the Team Contest, everyone's inventory will be increased to 100,000 slots. This will only last until the event ends on June 24th, so be sure to clean it out before then!

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