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» Even More Refurbished Plushies!
Posted by IcePets Day 223, Year 10 (29th May 20)
@ 14:08:17 IST

Plushie RidixPlushie Traptur

It looks like the plushie update train is still making its way through Terrafrost. The Plushie Ridix, Traptur, Trido, Wulfer and Xephyr have been strutting around town, showing off their new looks! While some opted for simple touch ups, others went for a whole new look. However, they are all very excited to show you how they look!

Plushie TridoPlushie Wulfer

Plushie Xephyr

Gabrielle noticed these updates and has fixed her own stock of Plushie Morphing Potions to reflect the changes. You can find the Plushie Ridix and Trido Morphing Potion on the shelves of the Snow Jar Igloo, while the Plushie Xephyr Morphing Potion can be found over at the Golden Touch. If you were missing out on having a soft friend, now is a great time to add one.

Plushie Ridix Morphing PotionPlushie Trido Morphing PotionPlushie Xephyr Morphing Potion

If the images haven't updated, click ck Ctrl-F5 or Fn-F5 to do a hard refresh.

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