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Posted by IcePets Day 196, Year 10 (2nd May 20)
@ 09:23:09 IST

Eyelash Viper Plushie

Terrafrostians are celebrating the month of May by funding gorgeous new items for us all to enjoy. This Eyelash Viper Plushie comes out today! It was funded by the generous @petshopgirl. You can find the new plushie at Plushie Mania. You'll be able to get it from the Book Quest too, and it'll be requested by the Plushie Quest in a week.

Audril Decadent Chocolate EggOri Decadent Chocolate EggDabu Decadent Chocolate EggCobron Decadent Chocolate Egg

@IcePrincess has also been busy funding new items. Check out all these delicious new Decadent Pet Chocolate Eggs. They restock at Sugar Rush, and you'll find them being given out by the Snowman. Watch out for the Candy Quest, though, as they will undoubtedly want these new eggs too, but not for a week. The Speckled Lugra Decadent Chocolate Egg is a Gourmet item, so you'll definitely want to nab that one for your collection.

Wulfer Decadent Chocolate EggTraptur Decadent Chocolate EggKrittle Decadent Chocolate EggLugra Decadent Chocolate Egg

If these new items are inspiring you, why not fund your own IcePets items here?

Jakrit Decadent Chocolate EggDovu Decadent Chocolate EggRidix Decadent Chocolate EggTrido Decadent Chocolate Egg
Xephyr Decadent Chocolate EggNovyn Decadent Chocolate EggZabeu Decadent Chocolate Egg
Makoat Decadent Chocolate EggSharshel Decadent Chocolate Egg

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